How to Plan Micro Wedding and Wedding Rentals in 2023

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In 2022, venue and wedding rental availability are the prime concerns. However, if you’re planning a small wedding with a wedding planner in 2023, you’ve made a wise choice! We list the essential steps and items you need to plan with your wedding planner for your big day and ensure you make the most of your wedding rentals.

1. Choose Your Wedding Theme & Ensure The Availability Of The Venue

Modern wedding themes can cater to any taste, and wedding rental companies can plan and execute something as unique as your love story. 

Contemporary themes vary from classic elegance to rustic charm, futuristic and flashy to chic and simple. No two weddings are the same, and your choice of rental items will reflect this.


All Occasion Decor AOD - classic wedding– Classic Elegance –


– Garden Wedding –

All Occasion Decor AOD - Rustic Wedding
Rustic wedding –

It’s also important to decide if you want an outdoor or indoor venue. Garden weddings and beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular. With the latest COVID-19 guidelines to consider regarding safety and arrangement, an outdoor wedding becomes more creative with ideas and rental choices.

Similarly, indoor spaces can also be transformed with the right fixtures, furnishings and flourishes, and expert wedding planners have some tricks and tips to help you design and execute your perfect theme.

2. Creating a Guest list for a Micro Wedding

If you’re planning on having a micro, intimate wedding, one of the main headaches comes from composing the guest list. Typically, A small, intimate wedding is with no more than 50 guests.

3. Decorating your Private Wedding

After you’ve decided on a theme, location, and guest list, you can begin to plan your decorations. Here are some essential and popular items that can help you bring your vision to life.

  • Wedding Arch

    AOD - Heptagonal Wooden Wedding Arch
    Wedding arches not only look fantastic in photos, but they do a fantastic job of framing the happy couple and providing a picturesque setting to say “I do.”

    From balloon arches to a more traditional golden band, we have several arches and arbours of different shapes and designs to choose from.  

    You can rent a style that fits your theme and provides a gorgeous centrepiece under which to have your first kiss as a married couple.

  • Furniture: tables and chairs

    AOD Luxury Rental -Gold Chiavari Chair
    The right furniture not only provides comfort for you and your guests but can help tie a room together. Ensure all tables centrepieces and chairs decorations,  or couch match your wedding’s overall vibe, and it is best to consider all of your options before making a decision.

  • Table Linen

    Silver Table Linen
    One of the more creative elements of planning a wedding is designing your tables. However, it’s one particular detail that can take your entire tables cape’s aesthetic to the next level: table linens.

    To get more ideas for unique designs, click our extension range of table linens, overlays, napkins, runners, skirting, and more come in various materials and styles. With numerous colour options available, you can ensure your tables are decorated to seamlessly tie in with your theme and add the perfect finish to your table decoration.

  • Flowers

    Wedding Flower
    Having the natural explosion of colour to your big day with unique, fresh blooms is one of the most stand-out elements to your special day. Remember to consult with your wedding florist about the types of flowers available year-round or appropriate for the specific season during the planning process.

    Our sister company, Pretty Things Florist, is able to Work directly with local growers to obtain the most unique blooms each season with competitive pricing. For brides, we can also design beautiful wedding bouquets you’ll be reluctant to throw away to your guests!

  • Lighting

    Wicker String Lights
    Lighting is the most overlooked element when you are planning a private wedding. Beautiful lighting can completely transform your venue from ordinary to spectacular. Whether your wedding is indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in between, lighting will be a significant part of creating the perfect ambience on your big day.

  • Backdrops and Draping for your ceremony

    Beautiful backdrops and draping can provide the perfect setting for your vows.
    From satin to silk, chiffon to linen, our elegant designs are available in a range of colours and patterns, allowing you to have the perfect background that matches your overall theme.

  • Lanterns

    Paper Lanterns
    Lanterns provide a gorgeously simple way to add a touch of magic to any wedding location. 
    Accentuate your decorations with paper lanterns available in various colours (black, green, orange, red, blue, white, and pink) to match your scheme.

    These beautiful paper orbs work well in a host of different settings and locations, including indoors and out and are an easy way to wow your guests.

  • Cake/Cupcake stands

    cake and dessert stands
    Whether you’ve decided on a highly tiered traditional wedding cake or something more modern and bite-sized, our cake and cupcake stand provides a tasteful way to display your delicious dessert. 

    With various shapes and styles to choose from, including both tiered and champagne options, what flavour of cake to pick won’t be your only dilemma.

  • Candles and votive candles

    Floating Candles
    Candles are not deniable the most romantic open flame to make your day glow. You can add a quick charm to your decoration and create a romantic ambience for your wedding with candles. 

    There are different options to match your wedding theme, from small tea lights to elegant candlestick holders and hanging holders. You can also consider battery tealights, floating candles and glass holders for a contemporary touch of sophistication.


    At the moment, a intimate micro wedding is a popular choice for couples because of the COVID-19 guidelines and health safety. Therefore, during the most challenging moment, you need to start early planning your wedding next year or in the next couple of yours. Deciding on wedding decorations and picking out the pieces that reflect how you want your day to look is one of the most rewarding parts of the wedding process and the moment it starts to feel real. 

    If you can, arrange the consultation or hire an experienced planner you can trust. The wedding planner will be in constant communication with your vendors and will also follow the latest safety guidelines.

    If you are planning your big day and need a wedding package to make your planning easier, contact us for more information. A team of creative, expert wedding designers and planners at All Occasions Decor has the experience and knowledge to help arrange the big day of your life.