How to Plan an Event through an Event Rental Company?

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If you’re planning a special event and want everything to be just right, it’s a brilliant idea to enlist the help of an events rental company. 

Not only event rental company can provide the physical decorations, fittings and staging required, but a good events rental company also imparts the experience and expertise that can only come with years of putting on events for all kinds of occasions. 

Five Simple Questions Will Help You Start The Process Of Contacting An Event Rental Company.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself before contacting an event rental company. These questions will help you determine what a rental company can plan or offer to make a big success in your event. 

1. What Is Your Event Type?

It would be best to have a clear idea of your event and how you want it to work for you. 

Rental companies can provide solutions for a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate galas, milestone events, holiday parties, board meetings, trade shows, product launches, client appreciation events, and more. Therefore, try to define your event as precisely as possible. 

Identifying the type of event you are throwing can help a rental company genuinely understand the tone of the occasion and your overall objective. As a result, they can tailor their service to match and guarantee that the fixed pieces and guidance you receive are appropriate.

2. Have You Decided On The Venue & Event Date?

Event rental companies will often work closely with your chosen venue on your behalf. Not only to reduce the amount of time you spend organizing your event but also to ensure that everything they provide will fit the space you are using. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a venue lined up before enlisting a rental company. This step is especially true when hiring wedding decorations and party rentals, as space management can play a huge role in achieving the overall aesthetic you desire.

The date of the event is also vital in your planning process. Obviously, most planners hope for sunshine on their event day, but this isn’t always possible.

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Letting your rental company know the date of your event early on not only helps with logistical planning regarding weather and seasonal changes but also enables them to help guide you with a timeline to organize everything you’ll need for the occasion.

3. What Is The Budget For The Event?

A reputable events rental company will tailor a package that suits a wide range of budgets. Their planning assistance can also advise you on what will and won’t be worthwhile or possible depending on your resource.

Therefore, it’s good to have at least a rough idea of how much you are willing to spend so the events rental firm can get you the best value for your money. 

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Early communication of your budget can assist you with several key questions, such as how many people to invite, how big the space is, what kind of catering is needed, and more.  

Suppose you need help figuring out whether your budget is likely sufficient for the special event you have in mind. In that case, we provide a consultation service early on in the process to assist you in determining how much your event is likely to cost.

4. What Is The Theme Of The Event? 

Decide the Theme & Discuss Decoration Details and Rentals.

No matter how simple or extravagant your theme, if you have an idea in mind, tell it to your rental company and see what they have to offer. It’s often the little details that make for a special event, so they’ll be delighted to help you find the right fixtures to make everything perfect.  

At All Occasions, we have an expansive warehouse full of pieces and props, and our planning and decorators can also spark your imagination with a host of creative ideas. 

You’ll be amazed at how many decorations we can provide. Check our AOD Luxury Events rental catalogue.With everything from chairs and tables to lighting and all the flourishes and final touches like table linen, florals and vases, we will have everything required to transform your space. 

5. Do I Need Other Resources?

Whether your event is supported by an internal marketing team or a committee of volunteers, All Occasion’s event team can serve as your crucial resource for on-the-day event assistance or helps.

All Occasions can also organize and arrange many items or services to help you execute a memorable event, providing clear and constant communication throughout the process. You’ll be amazed at what we can provide for you to reduce your workload and stress.

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Planning a corporate event or special event can seem a daunting task, no matter how big or small. Use the above guidelines to work with an event rental company for your special day to run as smoothly as possible. 

From physical fixtures to overall creative and logistical guidance, the events rental team will become a key part of the whole planning and party process. If you are planning an event and looking for friendly, dedicated planners to make your event unique, contact us to make your event truly memorable! 

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