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Is it possible to return two ArrayLists or two data structures from two different classes in java?

I am making a assignment for my course, where we are asked to develop a system that counts the number of coin flips in order to determine whether or not the coin is fair. The coin has two sides, and we are using a deck of 52 cards that we have shuffled. We are using the findCard() and the flip() method of the Deck class to call these methods from the Coin class. We are required to use two different classes, with the Coin class having two different methods, and then in a separate method, we have to put them in an array and return it as two different object variables (Arrays.toString() is not an option). The Coin class has a method to find the number of heads with and without a deck of cards. The Deck class has the method to check if the coin is fair or biased. I have put in the code for the method as it should work, but it does not seem to work.
Here is the code.
//Coin Class
class Coin{

public static boolean isHeads(){
Random rand = new Random();
int cards = rand.nextInt(52) + 1;
for (int i = 0; i

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