Please can somebody help me with this? I have looked on the Internet but did not find a hint, there is a problem with the wrong set of functions but I do not know how to implement….


The Cracks are created for those who have problem in activation of the software or they want to check the programs within a new source. For this, you must download these RAR or ZIP files and then execute it.
Each file contains a Cracks which can be saved on an isolated location (with password) and that will not have any effect on your license.
I added some tools which can help you to download and create a Cracks.

Copy RAR File into a folder on your desktop. This is your System Folder (C:\Windows).
Open the folder and paste the Cracks in the beginning (inside a folder).
If the Crack will not appear by the first click: type the name of the folder and press enter. The Crack will be created.
To create the Cracks with the same name as the Packages: type the name of the folder and then enter. To find the tool which will create the Cracks for you, look into the list: “Tools”:

Insert Cracks
Insert Cracks
Copy / Paste file and folder
Forget – Folder
Merge Directory files
Merge Directory with.rar
Merge Directory
Merge Zip files
Merge Zips
Tools (Options Menu)

You can use the ribbon Tools (next to the Cracks button). Choose “Insert Cracks”. In the following window, you can select the Cracks. In the list select “Insert Cracks”. Choose the.rar file and press “Insert”. The Cracks is added.
All Cracks are created for you and stored in the same place.


(1) Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a recording medium storing object-oriented applications for use on an optical disk and a method and device for recording and reproducing recorded information and more particularly to a method and device for recording and reproducing recorded information using a plurality of data structures for each of an application and the application.
(2) Description of the Related Art
Recently, there has been a growing demand for storing multiple types of information in an optical disk such as a DVD (Digital Video Disk or Digital Versatile Disk). As a result, an effort has

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